Local Content Assessment

 Information and Background

Please complete this Local Content Assessment Tool with reference to the accompanying Guidelines which explain the questions, give some direction about where to source information to respond to the questions, and indicate the contribution of each question to the overall Local Content Score.

Please ensure that you provide accurate answers to all questions since all responses are subject to audit checks to ensure the accuracy of the responses being provided. Operator companies using this system will ask companies for additional supporting documents to verify the information provided.

Companies will be asked to update the information provided annually.

All responses are subject to audit checks to ensure that accurate responses are being provided.

Once this Assessment Tool has been completed and the responses have been reviewed and processed, a score will be calculated and converted to a Local Content grading that will be assigned to the company:

Tier 1 Above 90%
Tier 2 Above 75%
Tier 3 Above 60%
Tier 4 Above 50%


I certify that the information provided in the questionnaire and annexed documents is accurate to the best of my knowledge and that I accept the conditions and undertakings requested during any due diligence process that may follow. I also acknowledge that operator companies will be verifying the accuracy of the information provided and will reach out to companies if there are any additional questions on the data provided. I understand that false information or the provision of a false statement (including false declaration) could lead to disqualification and / or exclusion from further participation in the Local Content Management System.
I also understand that information provided will not be used or disclosed for purposes other than those for which it was obtained unless consent is provided by the company completing the questionnaire.