apply for membership

Annual Gross Income (TT$) Annual Fee Select relevant category
Individual Applicant TT$1,000.00
Under $1M TT$1,500.00
$1M - $3M TT$2,500.00
$3M - $5M TT$4,000.00
$5M - $25M TT$6,500.00
$25M - $100M TT$7,000.00
$100M - $500M TT$7,000.00
$100M and over TT$12,000.00

For start-up companies, subscription fees for the first year will be based on fifty percent of the projected gross revenue. A review of the subscription fee will be conducted in the second year of operations.

Companies/individuals joining the Chamber after the start of a subscription year will have subscription fees pro-rated from the date of the acceptance of their application.

Before your application can be processed, you are required to submit

  1. a non-refundable deposit of TT$500
  2. your company's profile and last audited income & expenditure statement and
  3. two reference letters from Chamber member companies.

In the case of a company, this application must be completed and signed by a Duly Authorised Officer**. Please affix the company stamp. Kindly note that if you are accepted for membership with the Chamber, you agree to be bound by the by-laws of The Energy Chamber